CIPP Lining

CIPP Lining

What Is CIPP Lining?

Cured in place pipe (CIPP) is the process of saturating a felt tube with a 2-part epoxy resin and inverting the felt tube into the existing damaged sewer line.

Our New Partnership!

Ohl Tyme has partnered with Perma-Liner Industries, LLC. to become certified installers in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

About Our Partners

Perma-Liner (PLI) is the leading manufacturer and supplier of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation equipment & materials in North America. Since 1999 PLI has developed systems to rehabilitate existing sewer systems without excavation, in most cases.

The Perma-Lateral

The Perma-Lateral™ System is designed for 2” – 8” pipe diameters. The system can be installed through clean-outs or open-end pipes. Only one access point is required. The liner can be ambient cured in 3 hours. 2” to 4” diameter pipes can be rehabilitated up to 120FT+ in length, while 5” to 8” diameter pipes can be rehabilitated up to 600FT + in length. This is best-selling small diameter pipeline rehabilitation system in North America!

Why Choose Ohl Tyme?

  • State of the art Pipe Lining System
  • Veteran Owned and Family Operated Company
  • Neat, clean and professional Installers
  • Lifetime Warranty Included
  • Financing Options Available

Zero dig certified pipe replacement
CIPP replacement in action
New liner about to be installed

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